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Practice Area

We provide legal services that cover an array of law fields. The firm's areas of practice are mainly, but not limited to, the following:

  • Banking and FinanceBanking and Finance

    Banking and Finance Law is one of H&A key areas of expertise. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services to meet a broad spectrum of banking and Finance issues faced by our clients in Lebanon and abroad.

    We provide the information, skills and expertise needed to mitigate risk and comply with a wide range of industry regulations and advise banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, asset managers, corporate clients and individuals in their day to day transactions as well as with respect to judicial and disciplinary procedures.

    H&A has repeatedly handled high profile cross-border money-laundering cases with a recognized expertise in asset tracing and recovery.


  • CorporateCorporate

    H&A conception of corporate practice goes far beyond the strict understanding of corporate law and covers all areas relevant to corporate services and commercial practices. Our straightforward approach is to understand and identify our clients requirements so that we can help them achieve their objectives.
    Our corporate practice is based on a multidisciplinary approach and on the growing need for our corporate clients to rely on the services of highly skilled specialized lawyers with a strong generalist approach and an in-depth understanding of all sectors (finance, services, industries, energy etc.) with experience in all types of operations, more particularly in the following areas:

    • Commercial contracts
    • Corporate law
    • Family owned businesses
    • LBO
    • Management and Corporate governance
    • Merger & Acquisition of listed and non-listed companies, joint ventures
    • Privatizations
    • Restructuring and insolvency
  • Dispute ResolutionDispute Resolution

    H&A whose reputation is firmly established in Lebanon has significant experience in factually and legally complex local and cross-border disputes. Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise and experience in all levels of jurisdiction, in addition to both domestic and international arbitration as well as all forms of alternative dispute resolution.
    H&A has been involved in some of the most important cases in Lebanon, in our chosen fields:

    • Administrative & Public Law Litigation 
    • Arbitration
    • Banking & Financial Litigation
    • Criminal Litigation
    • Civil & Commercial Litigation
    • Employment Litigation
    • Family & Inheritance Law
    • Industrial Risks
    • Insurance Litigation
    • IP / TMT Litigation
    • M&A and Corporate Disputes
    • Property and lease
    • Recovery and enforcement procedures
    • Tax Litigation
  • Employment LawEmployment Law

    Employment Law is essential to the businesses of H&A corporate clients and the working individuals we advise and represent. The sensivity of employment issues often makes it a personal matter to both employers and employees, and our experience and skills alongside a wide variety of clients from both sides grants us the capability to overcome the narrow paths of Labor Law.
    We act as an extension of our corporate clients in-house legal and HR people and we always make it a point to address working individuals’ employment issues and apprehensions in all aspects of employment law, particularly in the following fields:

    • Collective relations
    • Compliance and risk management
    • Criminal employment law
    • Executive management
    • Health and safety
    • Individual relations
    • Restructuring operations
    • Social security and social protection issues

    We assist and advise our clients in all aspects of dispute resolution relating to employment law in Lebanon and represent them before the competent administrations and courts.


  • InheritanceInheritance

    Lebanon’s personal law is a mix of civil law and religious laws governing marriage, divorce, personal status, inheritance and other family relations of the various Lebanese religious and spiritual communities.

    Among the various ramifications of the family and inheritance law, H&A focus on inheritance law. We advise and assist our clients on estate planning and provide them with the necessary legal assistance in respect of all legal, administrative and fiscal formalities and procedures on estate.


  • I.P., Telecommunications, Media & TechnologyI.P., Telecommunications, Media & Technology

    To meet the needs of our clients from various industry sectors, H&A provide the legal assistance throughout the development process of their intellectual creations, from the first stages of development to their exploitation and protection in all aspects relating to trademarks, patents, copyright, designs and models and the related issues of unfair competition.

    Faced with legal gaps raised by Lebanese legislation, H&A has also acquired a high level of expertise on legal issues raised by digital communications means and new technologies. H&A assist and advise leading companies representing all sectors of the TMT industry in Lebanon.


  • InsuranceInsurance

    H&A legal expertise covers the entire range of services that may be required by the traditional key players in the insurance sector (insurers, insurance distributors, reinsurers) as well as by businesses from other sectors that face insurance-related issues in Lebanon. 

    We assist and advise main insurance companies and other operators in Lebanon in all matters related to their obligations in terms of assets, solvency and, more generally, any prudential obligations and assistance in relations between insurance companies and the audit authorities.

    Based on its recognized expertise in general insurance, live insurance and construction insurance, H&A is a leading player in the field of insurance in Lebanon, assisting and representing its clients in their insurance-related disputes. We act before commercial, civil and criminal courts, as well as before national supervisory authorities.


  • Real Estate Transactions & FinancingReal Estate Transactions & Financing

    The real estate market has gained in complexity and structure in Lebanon in the past decade, influenced by the geostrategic position of the country and the fact that real estate in Lebanon has long enjoyed a status of save heaven.

    H&A enjoys recognized expertise in all legal and tax issues affecting the market players and offer a wide range of property services from acquisition and planning, through to construction, disposal and asset management.


  • TaxTax

    Assisted in the matter by recognized tax advisors, our highly efficient tax practice relies on our extensive knowledge and understanding of the law and the taxation schemes in Lebanon to offer strategic tax and wealth planning advice to the best interests of our clients.

    Not only being commercial lawyers but also litigators, we bring our innovative capacity to provide both our corporate and individual clients with the most appropriate solutions considering all legal and tax consequences.